Waste Generators

understand your waste generation and get to grips with your reduction and recycling actions whether you're a factory, supermarket or office space


Aggregators & Generators

Whether you buy / sell recyclables, grain and produce, agricultural inputs, BoP products, BioEx Tech will provide key data and insights for your operations and finances


Processors & Converters

Monitoring, reporting and improving your operations will be a breeze with BioEx Tech at key points in your production chain.

Welcome to BioEx Tech

We Are Committed To Disrupting The Status Quo Within Multiple Industries

Our revolutionary software provides organizations with never-before-seen insight into the waste they produce, the impact it has on the environment, the upstream revenue potential it has, and the ability it has to create sustainable jobs. 

Platform Features

Built for the future, our platform introduces efficiency into your organization that will make you wonder how you ever did things in the past.

No paper is used by our platform, meaning that all data and information is centralized and always available. Its how it should be.
BioEx Tech integrates with local banks to remove the need for on-site cash. In fact, you don't even need a bank account to use their ATM's.
Real-time Reporting
The real time-reporting interface is available 24/7, helping you understand how your entire organization is doing, anytime.
POPI Compliant
We've gone to extra lengths to ensure that the system is POPI compliant, making for an easy transition into the future.
Hyper Secure
Built using modern frameworks which allow for smarter security, API key access, and Bank-grade SSL encryption. Your data is safe.
Built tough for Africa
Works both online and offline, and on rugged devices designed to endure all the industry has to throw at them.

Latest Articles

Read about how BioExTech is used in different scenarios and the impact it is making.

Corporate Sustainability

We make it easy for corporates of all sizes to understand exactly what waste they produce down to the kilogram. The best part about it is it requires less effort than you're currently used to.

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